Concepmix Audio & Archive
The Thrill of it

No thrills site dedicated my music, the Korg Triton & microKORG,
W-30 / SH-101 / JX-8P  / XV-5080 / Fantom G
and the Kurzweil K2500R

The time has come to put some of my old experimental tracks using all the
equipment above to share with like minded musicians and music lovers
over the Internet.

Concepmix has been the banner I have put all my work under since 1986.
All my music was just for the sheer enjoyment of creation, to hear something
I wouldn't normally hear on the radio. I'm no professional muso either, just a
hobbyist who still finds time to enjoy his own sound.

On this site you will also find full length
Re-mixes & Audio Montages from
past and present for all to n-joy!

For some of us who are still into '
Sampling',  there's a page of Sound
to use on your Hardware and/or Software samplers. We're not
talking about cheesy samples here! We're looking at stereo
and hits, single hits in C4.

A service to the masses

I'm inviting solo artists and bands to help me out. I've a new recording studio
and need some projects in order to get to grips with just what on earth I've
just bought. It's home based, so if you need a demo made, get in touch!

Please take time a listen through some of the archives. It should provide a
better sonic idea of what can be expected.

March 2010